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Free Training Mode Statistic and New Single Player Campaign

Hi there,

As our current active players might have noticed, in VFC Academy (the mode in which all the training game modes assemble) there is a training ground that allows the player to conduct shadow boxing like training but against a dummy robot.

Free training mode

This mode is still under construction. In it's final form, once a player starts the training process, a timer will begin to tick.

Every player's action is detected and accounted for, and translated into a detailed list of statistic and achievements, for example, Damage per second, Average punching power, Average punching frequency, Head movement intensity, Pivot frequency, Punch type counter, Combinational strike counter, and much more (please give us suggestion via our discord as well)

Of course each type of statistic will have its own tier list of achievement in which player can fulfill during your training.

Every 5 minute mark, a summary report will be saved and highest record uploaded onto our server recorded under your user account.

This mode is aimed at providing player with THE most comprehensive and professional VR fitness training tool ( specializing in punch based training )

Single Player Campaign (Name not yet decided)

This mode will be closely related with the free training mode.

Player's recorded statistics will form a database, and that database will be used to create an avatar for each player.

Player can customize the look and clothes of your avatar (base model is derived from all VFC's current fighters)

Your player avatar will be challenged by other players during their single player campaign progress. And likewise, when you endeavor into VFC's new single player mode, every opponent you face will behave differently accordingly to their player's free training mode statistics, for example:

  • AI controlled opponent will have a preferred punching combo

  • AI controlled opponent will have a stamina bar (if they deplete their defense will become more wide open and attack frequencies and punching power decreased)

  • AI controlled opponent will all have their unique average punching power, and standard deviation

  • AI controlled opponent will have different combat style, may it be: defensive, or aggressive.

  • And more...

The focus of this new single player campaign is there forth be twofold:

- Social aspect between players

- Smart AI

We will release more detail as we develop this new game mode in real time, if you are interested, please follow us via our social media, and join our discord channel!

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