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Preview Fighting Core v2.0 - 6 Things that will make VFC the ultimate VR fighting game

As of right now in July 2019, we have finished developing the first ever fighting core engine, which is version 1.0.

But the journey does not end here, we consider the version 1.0 merely a 50% completion towards our ultimate aspiration.

Let's dig into our vision for Fighting Core Engine Version 2.0!

1. Dodge Recognition

Detection capability added for slip, bob n weave, pivot, and slide

So in Fighting Core Version 1 the game is already capable of recognizing punching types such as straight, hook, uppercut, back fist, and overhand.

Something is missing when we think about true combat sports.

Yes, that is head movement

In version 2.0 we plan to implement the system to additionally detect player's head movement, and categories them into either a 'slip' or a 'bob n weave' motion.

Of course the player will need to be technically correct when acting on those moves, the video we will be using as a benchmark to implement this feature is this and this.

The game will also hold statistics for player's pivoting movement and slides.

Combining all the punching motion data and head movement data, we want version 2,0 to be the perfect combat statistic gathering and analytical tool even if held to a professional standard.

2. Body Posture Re-engineering update

We will significantly upgrade the quality of full body posture simulation.

Over the course of our development, we have accumulated so many ideas in regards to simulate full body posture, and we are very optimistic about upgrading our re-engineering process so that the player's avatar will look more real and more combat relevant.

3. Elbow strike Implementation

One word, Muay Thai (Sorry its two)

The only reason we didn't implement this feature in Fighting Core version 1.0 is that we haven't yet created the most perfect elbow placement re-engineering.

But since in previous step (Point number 2) we will be able to achieve a very intuitive elbow placement recognition. It is now possible to add in Elbow strikes, and our beloved Muay thai fighting techniques.

4. Body parts identification upgrade

We also think that VFC's current system of recognizing of Head, Kidney, and Chest is not living up to the standard we hold ourselves up to (the most sophisticated and the best VR fighting engine)

This is why, in our next upgrade to fighting core engine, in version 2.0 many more body parts will be recognized:

  • Eyes

  • Jaws

  • Temple

  • Rib cage

  • Heart

And potentially more.

5. Combat stance concept integration

Boxing styles, Muay Thai, Karate, Kungfu (Wingchun) will be added into the game

This one is super exciting, please read on.

We all know that in boxing, there is common terms used to describe a fighter's battle stance right? We also know that each martial art style has different or preferential stance right?

In fighting core version 2.0 we will start to recognition and categories player's current battle stance categories defined by martial art styles:

  • Boxing

  • MMA

  • Muay Thai

  • Karate

  • Kungfu (Wing Chun)

And also further sub classify into either Orthodox or South Paw depending on which hand is at front and which is at back.

The successful implementation of this feature will empower VFC's combat dynamic and skill design system significantly (just imagine all the possibilities) !

We watched this video for inspiration

6. Impulse and Bone Stacking concept implementation

We plan to simulate impulse and 'bone stacking' relationship to make our punching power calculation more accurate.

This is a hardcore feature which i'm sure many martial art practitioners and fans will appreciate, read on if you are one of them.

We all know from physics, punching power is best explained by impulse momentum relationship, and then add into the concept of bone stacking we get to know how to utilize our human body mass to make our punches more powerful

So yes, we plan to simulate this relationship inside VR, and for VFC. We will make the best out of the 3 point track in system most VR user is restricted to (head and two hands).

We want to achieve the best fighting simulation system, in that the best and the most optimal fighting technique can be noticed and accounted for, yes even the most non-obvious ones will be rewarded

For example, this is something Fighting Core 2.0 will seek to re-create inside VFC

Are we still missing something? Let us know by telling us via Discord!

This is an on-going development, so we are very keen to soak in all your ideas and suggestions

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