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vfc weekly title challenge

by community manager lxd (join and chat with me!)


How do you participate?

First, everything is happening inside our community discord for VFC! 

I'm LXD, and I'll be here to answer all your questions and facilitate the event!

VFC community can signup to fight in VFC weekly title challenge. (by a straightforward click to add a reaction to my announcement message!)

Fighters will be separated into groups depending on your region (America, Europe, Asia/Oceania). I'll update and maintain a leaderboard for every region.

Every region has its title holder waiting to be challenged by a new fighter who emerges from that week's competition. And this new fighter will be called 'The Challenger'.

To become 'The Challenger' in your region. You will have to fight and earn Ranked Points. 


To earn Ranked Points, you will have to fight other fighters in your region who also signed up for this week's tournament:

  • Winning the bout grants you 3 points

  • Draw grants you 2 points

  • Lose grants you 1 point

NOTE: You can fight the same opponent twice. But the third time will not be counted towards the ranking results. You don't have to fight every opponent in your region, but to win the leaderboard, fighting more opponents is obviously to your advantage.

The whole fighting process starts on Monday and ends on Friday. By the end, if you earned the most ranked point in your region, you will become "The Challenger" and immediately earn a premium reward.


The fighting is self-organized, so you are advised to ask for fights on the dedicated tournament channel as soon as Monday begins. - But I'm here to facilitate any match making problems so no need to worry ;)

What do you get from this?


Besides having fun fighting other people in VR? hahaha, well of course we have some good stuff piled up for EVERYONE!

By just partaking

All your earned ranked points will be converted into Career Points by the end. So even if you didn't manage to become The Challenger, there is still some very good prizes that you can purchase with your earned Career Points!

Career Points can be used to purchase future VFC merchandise (as a substitute for real money), future in-game cosmetics, and redeem free game keys for other PC/VR game titles that VFC has partnered with.

So come, fight, have fun, earn rewards and make friends!

Becoming The Challenger.

When you become "The Challenger" by earning the most ranking points in your region, you are granted an opportunity to challenge the current title holder in your region.

By being The Challenger, you are automatically qualified to earn a PREMIUM LEVEL PRIZE for this week.

Becoming The Title Holder

If you can beat the current title holder and receive the title for your region. On top of the PREMIUM LEVEL PRIZE, you also receive a virtual Champion Belt item attached to your characters whenever you play VFC.


This cosmetic item is unique to title holders in the game (as there are 3 regions, there will only be 3 players in the whole game who has this Champion Belt item)


If you lose your title in future weeks, you also lose this cosmetic item.


This tier includes free game keys for other PC or VR game titles that value above $20 on the market. The games catalogue changes every week. You can also ask us what game you wish to have, and we will try our best to get the game key for you!







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