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Sophisticated Realism

Virtual Fighting Championship boasts to have one of if not the most SOPHISTICATED combat simulation system.

From physics simulation to combat dynamic realisation, our goal is to push the boundary of VR melee combat interactivity limit ever closer to reality

Impulse-Momentum Based Damage Caluclation

VFC takes into account your velocity (derived from your fist's distance of travel prior to impact) and punch type (which gives us an idea of your mass behind each punch)

​We also reward harder punches than weaker ones to discourage flailing practises

Fighting Core v1.0

A real-time non-collision punch type recognition system 

VFC recognize user motion input and defines them into common fighting techniques such as Straight, Hook, Uppercut, Backfist, and Overhand.

What's more, VFC is the first ever VR game achieved this without the need for the user to actually hit anything in the game (Which is important to VFC's core game play)

Fighting Core v1.0

Body Parts Recognition and Differentiation

Where you land your hit matters.

Arm and hand is where enemy take least amount of damage (in fact it is registered as a block)

Head and kidney is the critical areas that you want to aim for

Fighting Core v1.0

Full body posture simulation

So, where you land your hit matters.

Of course, it makes sense that you should be able to see a full body be presented inside the virtual environment

VFC offers one of the most sophisticated body postures re-engineering method, so that player can see your own as well as your opponent's body posture while battling it out.

Fighting Core v1.0

Virtual Fighting Core v2.0

is in Development

Offering 10x more realistic fighting experience through the sheer amount of technical realization and idea implementation

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