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VFC Tournament Weekly Report #1

Week 1 Highlight Reel:
Virtual Fighting Championship Tournament Season 3 has kickstarted!

This is the current bracket progress:

Let's do a recap of what happened in the first week of the tournament season #3

Firstly let's introduce our fighters of this week!

Who is Mabz?

From the nation that is known to born great fighters the Philipines, Mabz is here to leave his footprint on the VFC competitive history.

His favourite athlete is Emanuel Augustus aka 'the drunken master', and his favourite fighting style is Arnis, the national martial art of the Philipines.

He's a message to everyone is to stay healthy in these trying times!

He has his own youtube channel under the channel name of 'Mabz'. Be sure to check it out and see what he is up to!

Who is Dan1?

Dan1, from the UK the birthplace of boxing, with a message to everyone "F**k Boris Johnson" is a proud fighter to show his prowess in the virtual fighting ring.

His favourite fighter is no other than the 'Iron Mike' Mike Tyson himself. Now let's wonder what Dan1's fighting style (or biting style?)would be in the ring! ;)

Weir.d is his channel name on youtube, and be sure to give a follow and stay alert to his action in the ring!

Who is Silverfire?

USA USA USA, Silverfire is a man of honour from the states. With his favourite martial art style of Kali and Muay Thai, how will Silverfire fare in this virtual arena?

"What talent I have is a gift from God I don't deserve. May the best fighter win."

Like what Bruce Lee has famously said, "Be water, my friend" can Silverfire become formless, and overcome the tough opponent that awaits him in the ring?

Let's follow his progress on his youtube channel!

Who is Coldhearted?

From USA, this man is a veteran in VFC community, and he is never shy from a fight. With his favourite fighting style of kickboxing, how will he do in VFC?

With the quote "Fight with honour or die with honour" as his battle statement, and his favourite fighter Ronda Rousy, we can expect a lot from this fighter, he is definitely the contender for the whole tournament title.

MABZ vs DAN1 (Winner Mabz)

Dev's thoughts on the game:

Both players used the same character. Interesting.

This game is recorded via Dan1's perspective, so his own character model doesn't have the ragdoll effect activated to reduce the CPU burden. Do take this into consideration when watching the replay.

Both players are very cautious and have not gone all in at the first second and first round, which is always good to see.

There is still a lot of 3D model clipping when the player's elbow is tilted inwards, and it went inside the body, this is ugly, and will be fixed asap.

some good head movements and punching variation from both side, I must say this is pretty awesome to watch.

It's unfortunate that both players forgot about changing the game to 3 minutes mode (both agreed to maintain this result), I would be curious about how would the results change if this is dragged out longer.

However, congratz to Mabz who is able to secure a knockdown in round 3 with some very impressive counter-attacks and solid defence and clutch the victory over Dan1.

The highlight moment for me when watching this is indeed the knockdown moment.


Dev's thoughts on the game:

This is filmed from Fullbodymojo's perspective.

There are a lot to be talked about in terms of different exchanges, and the tactics involved, so i won't dive too deep, but I see some up-down-up-down variations been heavily adopted which is very satisfying to watch.

In later rounds, it is obvious that both players felt the fatigue, and this is the point of the tournament when we want to make it into a 3min setting because we want to players to not only consider their tactics but also strategically distribute stamina to ensure the final victory.


Dev's thoughts on the game:

The first-person view perspective is also quite interesting to observe.

Busido has done well and landed a lot of good hits and counters, but the offensive style from coldhearted is very hard to handle, it feels like each punch is aimed at a particular opening.

Very impressive showing.


Dev's thoughts on the game:

It feels like 'ragequit' is having some difficulty with his/her surroundings as each punch felt weak and slow.

Yourownskills has done well in terms of defence and spotting openings to land critical hits.


Dev's thoughts on the game:

Now, this is my game (I'm LXD). I would like to say i done well from watching the fight in terms of stamina distribution and spotting openings.

Silverfire has done very well in keeping up with the pressure and making every exchange count.

I would advise Silverfire to make sure to keep the hands up, as I have taken a lot of opportunities to hit the head with ease. But overall, this is not an easy fight for me, and I could easily lose if I wasn't at top of my game.


Dev's thoughts on the game:

Hey, where is the replay?

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