VFC - This Is Fighting  is a Virtual Reality (VR) first-person fighting game featuring the world’s first multiplayer mode that lets two players engage in a martial arts fight in VR, using players' own fists and body movement instead of pressing buttons.

An intense Virtual Reality eSport unlike anything else.


Show off your wit, dexterity and strength as you battle your friends, colleagues and rivals from all over the world.

Coming to VIVE and Oculus

What is Virtual Fighting Championship

Developed from 2016 to 2018, built from the ground up for VR Melee Combat PvP


The game currently features a Fantasy fighting mode as well as an upcoming Boxing championship mode. Furthermore, the game also boasts a playable single-player robot infinity mode that is at its alpha stage and will undergo active development during the first stage of early access.


VFC pursue to be the most content rich and fun inducing VR combat action game, gathering game modes ranging from PvP/Single-player to Co-op PvE. And the development of this game will continue indefinitely after launch