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Train . Fight . Compete - Most Complete VR Fighting and fitness Experience

vr martial art

fighting and fitness

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VFC game concept in a snap shot

This is Fighting

Every real-world fighting & martial art move and attack is recognized in the game.


The player shall perform those moves with their physical body movement:


Current recognization attack types are:

Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Uppercut, Backfist, Overhand, and more.

Every movement and offensive technique is measured according to its velocity, distance of travel, area of impact, combinational effect to arrive at precise damage done, providing the most sophisticated physical data to the player.

This is VR Fighting

Each in-game character has a list of unique SPECIAL ATTACKs which can be activated when a COMBO is performed. And a combo is performed by using REAL WORLD FIGHTING TECHINQUES properly

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