fEB-MAR 2021


Starting from season 3

 winning is not the sole requirement

to be rewarded 

Level up and become VFC Legend!

  • Participate in a VFC tournament grants 30 points

  • Play a tournament bout grants 10 points

  • Winning a tournament bout grants 5 extra points

  • Winning a tournament grants 50 points

​Tier Title:

  • Lvl 1 - 2: Future Prospect

  • Lvl 3 - 5: Rising Star

  • Lvl 6 - 9: Powerhouse

  • Lvl 10: Legend

  • Earn 100 exp point to level up

  • Reaching each level will grant you a gift of $5 steam card

Tournament rules explained

Tournament Format

The tournament will be constructed via a  knock-out bracket format, player will engage in a best out of three head to head engagement with their opponent, that is the first player reaches 2 win will secure the victory and move forward in the tournament bracket.

Moving into the semifinal stage, the format will change from best out of three into best out of five, where the first player reaches three wins, will be the victor.

Tournament Method

The player will be informed who their next opponent is, and the player will have 48 hours to arrange the game with their opponent at their own convenience.

When the game is played, both player must record their gameplay using whatever screen recording tool that is convenient to the player. The video recording of the gameplay must be submitted to the tournament organizer through either a google drive upload or uploaded directly to Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or other video hosting platforms and shared with the tournament organizer.

Failing to submit the video recording will be seen as a forfeit.

Valour point rewards system

Players will earn valour points as described above, however, players must complete all their assigned games to earn the 30 points allocated to reward tournament participation.

Failing to organize a game with an opponent within 48 hours, or failing to provide a game recording constitutes a forfeit.

If reason as to why the game cannot be arranged within 48 hours or why game recording cannot be done is provided and is seen as reasonable, then the result can be re-negotiated with a tournament organizer.

What happens after Tournament exit

If a player has been eliminated from the tournament, the player can still participate in rest of the tournament by betting on the games and guess who might be the winner.

If the player has made the right bet, the player will be rewarded with 5 valour point, and if the player made the wrong bet, the player will lose 2 valour point.



EU Champion: F Wulf

NA Champion: Drago

Asia/Oce Champion: Needmorerage


WORLD Champion: KAM