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Tournament rules explained

Tournament Method

The player will be informed who their opponent for the fight card is, and the player will have 14 days to arrange the game with their opponent at their own convenience.

When the game is played, both player must record their gameplay using whatever screen recording tool that is convenient to the player (Windows user can use WindowsKey + G to access screen recorder).


The video recording of the gameplay must be submitted to the tournament organizer

Failing to submit the video recording will be seen as a forfeit and reward prize not granted


Daily Fight Card Program

Players will earn community points by playing casual bouts with VFC Daily Fight Card Program. After each game of VFC, take a screenshot of the post-game statistic screen and post it in the Discord Screen Shot Submission channel to earn 1 fighter point, earning 5 fighter points will grant you the Fighter Tier level!

Earning a community point will increase your chances of been invited into the VFC Invitational!


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