Words from developer

Hello community (long post incoming),


It has been an overwhelming week since Virtual Fighting Championship’s Early Access release onto steam platform. During this past few days, we are heart warmed by some of our player’s kind words of support and complement, some of you even private messaged us in discord and sending us emails on words of encouragement, so thank you (you know who you are!)


At the same time we have also listened very hard to the very valid criticisms and feedback from wider communities, confronting our fear and anxiety on the potential community backlash, we have forced ourselves to surf through forums and discussion pages, looked over social medias and even the tiniest of hints of VFC related discussions.


We think it is fitting that we should probably make a response message to everyone, in regards the launch of VFC, answering some of the FAQ that has often brought up in conversations. And hopefully share with you our future plans for the game, what you can expect from VFC in the future, and maybe cast a vote of confidence into our supporters.


Firstly, let’s start with the FAQs:


  • No single player mode? Multiplayer only VR game is doomed to fail! (and we agree)

We understand the importance of having a single player mode, as it is the key to ensure a reliable playing experience for our players.


VFC’s PvP mode is in fact complete and ready to brawl back in July 2018 (our beta testers should know this), but we didn’t release the game until September. So from July to September, our team of 1 programmer and 2 artists was fully dedicated to develop a single player content for the game, and as soon as we are confident enough to nail down a date on this mode’s release, we have decided to make the call the release the game onto steam.


So, yes VFC has never intended to be a Multiplayer only game, and hopefully within 1 or 2 weeks tops, our first ever single player content will be released, and of course this will not be the final destination for VFC in terms of single player content.


The foundation we have built for VFC allows for so many potential game mode to exist, in VFC’s final form, the currently existing 1v1 PvP game mode will only be representing 20-30% of the game’s total value.


  • Why release it so closely with Creed?

Not saying we’re proud of this, but our first ever launch announcement date was set to June the 29th, then it delayed to September (because we kept wanting to add more to the game), we haven’t really taken much of the external factor into consideration when setting a release date (yes we should).


But in the event of releasing the game closely to Creed, funny fact is, we’re not unhappy about it, we think a big and successful studio like Survios entering the VR fighting genre is good news for everyone, it brings more eyes to the genre, and more players talking about the genre, and ultimately more players will experience the genre, and hopefully stay with the genre.


It is also exciting that us, an indie studio made up of team of 3 people, is able to come and compete with big studio like Survios, it brings a lot of moral to our team, and we’re ready to work harder than ever to improve VFC.


  • Connection issues?

At the night of launch, our server which was used to connect user database went malfunctioned by a coding dead loop, and we haven’t been able to find out this issue soon enough, so for the first 2 days since launch, the connection stability became a persistent problem. Luckily we have found and solved the issue in recent days, and we haven’t been reported much connection issue since then (there are still few instances of connection time out, but we have uncovered that it is because the player forgot to allow VFC through their firewall, if you have faced persistent connection problem, please reach out to us, so we can closely examine it!)


  • Low player base

It is very much an understandable sentiment, that communities may find themselves hard to put trust in us at buying a Multiplayer only game when Creed is just around the corner (those of you who do, we *****  love you)


Hopefully with more and more features and refinements been made to VFC throughout the future, we can convince the community to believe - “Yes this studio is serious about this game, and they are here for the long run.” - This is a message that we are trying to install via our own actions, and we welcome you to be the judge of our progress, we expect and hope ourselves to work on VFC for many more years to come.



Okay the above are some of the major FAQ that we often see in threads and discussions. Now we want to talk a little more about what kind of game VFC really is, and where will it be heading.


Even after the above mentioned single player been made online, we still consider VFC been only about 30-40% complete compare to what we imagined it to be.


VFC will not be just a simple 1v1 fighting game, what VFC have right now is a ‘showcase’ of the foundation of our melee combat mechanism; a smooth and intuitive multiplayer melee combat system , and a one that works well even during higher latency environment.


The goal is to transfer this foundation of game mechanics, building on top of it, and produce many more fun and creative game modes, and adding them into VFC, making VFC a bundle of everything VR combat, and at the same time polishing on what VFC have as it’s core, the PvP combat.


Yes it is a lot of work, but with your vote of confidence, we will be able to do it, because after all, the hard technical part is over, and now is all about creativity and good dedication, and with a vibrant community keep providing us with great ideas and suggestions, we can focus on what we do best without worry - developing great contents.


That is all our rambling for today. Again thanks to all of you who shared your support to us, it is a hot soup in a winter day to us, we are now refreshed and fully pumped to head into development for VFC’s single player mode, stay tuned!