Can't get the fight started?

If you are encountering problem where you can't seem to create and join a game room in your Arcade, following solution may help you, if not, please contact us at we will respond ASAP.


1. On the current version, VFC runs on LAN setting, so your computers need to be connected on the same local network (router). 


2. When you run VFC for the first time on any computer, firewall setting will pop up, make sure you tick all the boxes, if you missed ticking it the first time, you can manually go to the firewall setting (Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed apps and look for Virtual Fighting Championship) and finish the tick.


If above solution doesn't fix the problem, please do contact us, our team take this issue very seriously and will respond with the greatest urgency! Thanks

The in-game arena area setting isn't compatible with my VR zoning?

We will take care of this issue very soon. In next patch, we will allow users to adjust the in-game arena size setting to match their actual play area.


Note: VFC can be played in all area size, but for a good playing experience we do recommend a minimum of 2x2 square meters.

For issue not listed above, contact us!!

We will tend to your issue ASAP.


Send us a email at


It would be great if you could describe the problem in more detail, so we can recreate the problem on our end, and fix it ASAP.