Patch Note : 0.8 (alpha)

New Character:Karl

Silver Hair Male

Well rounded body shape

Backstory : Still in development

New Character: Gouyan

Blue hair Female

Slim body shape

Exotic Costume

Backstory: Still in development

New Fighting Map: Sea Cliff

New Fighting Map: Prison

New Fighting Map: Sky Platforms

Game Mechanic Refinements

  • Refined Animation Presentation
  • Refined hit detection accuracy (huge improvement)
  • Overall performance optimisations
  • Winning mechanics added:
    • Damage calculation based on fist momentum
    • HP Bar
    • Full screen camera effect and splash screen to clearly indicate a knockdown
  • Basic computer controlled AI opponent added to support PvE game play

                                  ******Melee Weapon Mechanics Development*******

  • Physical simulation of hand touches, allow player to touch and gently push opponent's body for greater realistic experience
  • Glow and fire effects on swinging fists to indicate attacking power 

      *****Created basic mechanism to allow for special attacks/abilities to be used in game.*****

Game Interface Refinements

  • UI overhaul - now with more intuitive controls and guided interface to enter a game
  • Character Selection Screen Added
  • Basic Background Music and Sound effect
  • Avatar hair movement effect
  • Avatar cloth movement effect

Development In-Progress

  • Create attribute systems to allow each character to have unique strength and weakness and convey a diverse play style.
  • Greater visual aids:
    • Facial expression animation in game
    • Basic Vocals for characters in fight
    • Haptic feedback on controllers
  • By end of Jan 2018, we plan to deliver the Lan version to VR arcades around the world
  • Start to optimise online connection process and match making mechanism to allow for household PvP usage.