VFC Debut At CouchWarriors

VFC will be partnering up with CouchWarriors to bring to Melbourne Australia, World's 1st ever E-Sport Virtual Reality Fighting Championship. 
CouchWarriors are a group of fighting game fans, players and tournament organisers in Melbourne Australia.
VFC will bring to the fighting game community , something more engaging than ever, more competitive than ever, and most importantly more fun than ever.


10th December Saturday 2016

123 Queen St Melbourne

Tickets are on sale at


VFC At Future Assembly

Future Assembly, Melbourne's most popular emergent technology festival invited VFC to appear on their annual exhibition at Town Square Pavilion at Melbourne Show Grounds. VFC didn't disappoint as it put on another awesome show by bringing enhanced gameplay and new features to the game this time. Show goers couldn't resist the temptation of putting on a VR headset and unleash their fighters within.


VFC put up an amazing exhibition at PAX AUS at Exhibition Center in Melbourne. The reception for the game was amazing, show goers didn't mind queueing up for hours just to play VFC for 100 seconds, die-hard fans kept coming back for VFC's engaging and unforgettable experience.