Words from Developer regarding VFC launch

Hello community (long post incoming),


it has been an overwhelming week since Virtual Fighting Championship’s Early Access release onto steam platform. During this past few days, we are heart warmed by some of our player’s kind words of support and complement, some of you even private messaged us in discord and sending us emails on words of encouragement, so thank you (you know who you are!)....

VFC 14th July Launch Delay Announcement

After careful consideration on the current state of the game, VFC dev team has decided to further delay the release date initially planned at 14th of July 2018

Development Update: Alpha 0.8

VFC Development Team have made some significant improvements to the game since PAX and Future Assembly 2016.


Check out all the changes here


VFC at Couchwarriors Ranbat Tournament

We at VFC give our sincerest thank to Couchwarriors for hosting our first ever VFC tournament  

Behold! Our very first officially recognised VFC Champion!

Special thanks all the friends who tried our game during PAX


We at VFC wants to congratulate Drew Craig for winning the first ever title for winning the VFC tryout with a stunning record of 11-0!

VFC at 2016 Future Assembly

VFC team made our way into the exciting 2016 Future Assembly!


Check out how people settled their conflicts with VFC :)


VFC at 2016 PAX Melbourne

VFC made our debut display at 2016 PAX Melbourne.


During which, we are flattered to receive so much interest from the crowd and medias.