VFC Hall Of fame

Drew Craig, is VFC- This Is Fighting’s 1st Champion. He was crowned at AUS PAX on 6th Nov 2016.

Drew has always been passionate about Martial Arts and Competitive Fighting. He started training in Martial Arts when he was just eight years old because he wanted to protect himself and those who needed help. Years of hard work and dedication paid off when he earned his Black Belt in Self Defense at the age of 13. Now he continues training and fighting competitively for his own club.

Drew’s other passion is playing video games which he takes quite seriously. He has been playing video games all his life and competed heavily in Halo tournaments throughout his teenage years.

Apart from his passions, he is also a real life hero. He served as a parachutist in US Marines Corps and now works in US Foreign Services.

His philosophy is:

"anyone can succeed in whatever they want to do but, you must be willing to sacrifice a vast amount if you truly want to attain greatness. "

Drew Craig


     1st VFC Champion Crowned At Pax Aus 2016