Connection problem: can't get the fight started, or the connection always defaulted to relay server?

If you are encountering problem where you can't seem to have a connection to make a game, please consider the following options:


1. Firewall settings:


When you run VFC for the first time on any computer, firewall setting will pop up, make sure you tick all the boxes, if you missed ticking it the first time, you can manually go to the firewall setting (Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed apps and look for Virtual Fighting Championship) and tick both boxes.


2. UPnP Settings

If problem still persists, it might be the router's incompatibility with our NAT punch through system, so solve this, please enable your router's UPnP setting (universal plug and play). Each brand and model of router varies in it's navigation menu, please seek guidance on your router's official page to learn how to enable the UPnP setting!


If above solution doesn't fix the problem, please do contact us, our team take this issue very seriously and will respond with the greatest urgency! Thanks