Release date adjustment No.2: Match-Making Improvement & Single player content

Sorry, VFC fans! In light of some extremely valuable community suggestions and feedback that we have gathered over the last few weeks, we have decided to re-adjust our release date again to allow ourselves some time address one of the most important concerns which is "for players to be able to find a game opponent".



To shine some transparency to VFC's current state, and to re-assure our fans of VFC's state of quality, the most crucial P2P connection punch-through function is well completed and working as intended, during our internal testing, we're actually pleasantly surprised by how smooth the game can be played under the online environment with reasonable latency. But then there is yet a lot to be done in the areas of match-making system. In the end, we want for VFC a very robust match-making system that filters opponent based on best connection possibilities, and also is not too reliant on active online players to have fun. VFC will provide tools to facilitate players to self organise games and play sessions, providing features such as scheduled match appointments, and background match-making while you're enjoying VFC's variety of single player contents.


Which then leads to us introducing our planned single player contents. VFC's single player content is not a filler feature that only serves as a mode for players to 'kill-time' with, but instead, it is some carefully crafted independent game modes which in its integral, becomes an essential part of VFC's final form. For those of you who followed our recent Reddit posts, you may have already heard about our ideas to introduce a 'time-shifted' multiplayer mode - we will soon post an interview video with our core developer Yang to discuss this time-shifted multiplayer mode in detail, please stay in touch on our Youtube Channel!


So to conclude, unfortunately we will have to re-adjust the release date for VFC again in the hope ensure that when it has finally arrived, it will arrive at a good condition!


Again thanks the community for the kind words you have wrote to us in the last few weeks, as well as the high expectation you have placed onto VFC, we will try our hardest to not let you down, and deliver it to your hands with proud!

VFC's included feature upon release

The following list is a description of what VFC will include when it's finally released as an early access game on Steam:

  • A robust auto match making system.
  • A schedule match appointment feature allowing player to announce their routine play hours, and allowing other players to 'book' a match with you, for which you can decide to accept or decline ( all with rewards and incentives attached when you honour an appointment).
  • An early prototype of the 'time-shifted multiplayer' game mode.